Winter in Eloy

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It’s hard to believe we have been in Arizona for 5 months. But it’s already time for us to head back to Maine. We’ve have been busy here and have enjoyed our time in the desert. The winter was a little colder and rainier than the locals are used to but when it’s 50 degrees here we just think of the cold and snow and ice back in Maine.

We got to visit with Marilyn and Jack while they spent the month of January in a house near us.

Marilyn and Jack from Camden during their month stay.


In February, Marian and Bill stopped by for a week on their way to Hawaii.

John, Marian and Bill at Saguaro National Park


John, Cheryl, Bill at Saquaro National Park


Rehabilitated hawk at Desert Museum


In February we purchased a house in Eloy in the community we have rented in for two years. We love being in this community and enjoy socializing with everyone here. The house we bought is a two bedroom, two bath with a great patio out back. We are on a golf course but it is a non-working course so we use it as our very own dog park for Shelby.


Back Patio at our house


We moved into our home in April since we had already committed to a rental until the end of April. The living room and bedroom furniture was left so we only had to buy the kitchen things and whatever we wanted to put on the walls. We were fortunate to have my sister, Nancy and brother-in-law Ed, nearby to help us with the essentials for the house. Right now the walls are pretty sparse but it is fun to shop around and find exactly what we want. We’re trying to keep things to the bare minimum since we got rid of so many treasures in Maine last summer.

We got in a few hikes this year with our friends, Ron and Lisa from Vermont. Some of them included:

  • Usery Mountain Pass, Mesa
  • South Mountain Park
  • Sweetwater Preserve
  • Dove Mountain
  • Wasson Peak at Saguaro National Park
  • Picacho Peak
  • Casa Grande Mountain
  • San Tan Park
John at top of Picacho Peak. Photo by Ron


Usery Mountain Pass


Desert was in full bloom this year.


Lisa, Ron and John admiring the beautiful flowers at Wasson Peak.


Wasson Peak view


Dove Mountain


Another successful hike with Ron and Lisa


Pickleball, of course, was our main activity. We only have one court in our community so we have beginner, intermediate and advanced level play at different times. The intermediate play is the most popular. Because of so many playing. It seems to turn more into social hour than pickleball–but it’s all fun.

East (Vermont and Maine) v. West  (Idaho and Oregon) pickleball with Craig, Randy, Ron and John


Pickleball tournament at Grande Valley Ranch. Photo compliments of Kathy.


In April we purchased a 24-foot motor home which we will be traveling in to go back home. It is a 2016 Coachmen Prism with only 9,000 miles. We leave on May 7th and expect to be home around the 22nd.

Our new camper


Shelby trying out the new camper. This will be his place for the 3600+ miles.


Here is our road trip from Arizona to Maine.


I’ll try to post along our trip depending on internet service.

Until next time, hope everyone enjoyed their winter. Let us know what is happening with you.