Wildlife and Marshes

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Altamaha Wildlife Management Area


Driving around this area, we see a lot of marshes and wildlife areas. While many of them look alike, there is always something different to see. The picture above shows a wildlife management area but used to be Butler Island Plantation, one of the largest plantations in the South, It is fun to see the birds, ducks, alligators and try to identify them. (The alligators are easy to identify.) Some birds we are successful finding what they are and other birds we can only guess at looking at the bird book.

Walking around this WMA we heard a huge splash into the water and moments later an alligator popped his head up. After that, we were on alert for not only splashes but we kept looking behind us to make sure they didn’t follow us. A few times even though I was expecting the splash it scared me as I didn’t see the gator.

A small alligator that ran into the water after he heard us. He had a twin just to the right of him not in the picture.


This big guy just sat watching us. His claw sticking out of the mud was a little intimidating.


Here are some birds that were in the trees right outside our deck at the house.


Hard to see this bird but as he sat there, we identified it as a Louisiana heron. Better picture below.


Louisiana Heron


Cattle Egret


This lizard appeared on the deck so he could get his picture taken as well.



We thought this was some exotic bird …but upon closer look it was a bobber in the trees!




Outside of Savannah is a park called Skidaway Island State Park.The hiking in this park was like much of the hiking in Georgia–marshy areas amongst live oaks, palmettos and pines. They do offer an observation tower to view wildlife on the barrier island. Only problem was that the walkway to the tower got destroyed by the hurricane in October so there was no viewing from the tower for visitors.

Observation tower that you can only observe from a distance until they fix the damage from the hurricane.


View along the Big Ferry Trail.


During prohibition liquor stills were built on this secluded island. In the 1930s there were 31 liquor still sites located throughout the island. Boaters could easily sneak on and off this island with their illegal moonshine. Many stills fell victim to police raids. You can see ax marks on this still.

One of the remaining stills.


Some days we opt to stay home and choose to ride bikes and kayak. (OK maybe not John but Sharon and I got to do those activities.) John stayed back and played photographer. It was a beautiful sunny day, the bugs stayed away and the paddling was just perfect.


View from our house of the marshes where Sharon and I were kayaking.


Cheryl paddling back home.


Sharon working hard in the kayak.


View from the kayak of John on the dock. (I brought a little camera to take pictures.)

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  1. Eileen & Pete

    As usual, your pictures are incredibly beautiful and make me feel like I’m almost there. Are you coming home soon ? You are missed!

    • clmckeary

      Thanks. We will be home on Monday. We miss seeing everyone. Did you get to Williamsburg?

  2. You sure are making the most of your time down there! And you’ve missed a lot of crappy weather here in Maine! However, we will all be happy to have you back.

    • clmckeary

      We’re looking forward to getting home. Time for camping….

  3. Paulette

    Me likey! Watch out for those alligators and wild creatures – we want you home safe. 😉

    • clmckeary

      We give the alligators a wide berth. Some look pretty mean.

  4. Jim & Genie

    Going to snow / mix Tuesday. Beautiful here today. Going out to split wood. Love it that you are having a good time. We share it vicariously. Sort of like Truck Camper Magazine and all the out of the way places I want to go.

    • clmckeary

      Stop the snow—we’re coming home soon and expect warmer temps. We enjoy sharing our travels with everyone. It makes it seem like we are traveling together.

  5. Nancy and Frank

    Another batch of great pictures. It looks like you are having a great time and wonderful weather. It is beginning to look hopeful here that Spring weather is coming.

    • clmckeary

      Let’s hope the Spring weather arrives by this weekend. We don’t want to see any snow upon our return.

  6. I love those gators and they are fun to watch when they are lying the sun or shallow water. However, they can get frisky. I saw some of that years ago at the Alligator Farm in (St. Augustine? Jacksonville? Can’t remember now)

    • clmckeary

      We do like seeing the alligators and definitely give them a wide berth. I wouldn’t want them chomping on my leg.

  7. We have friends that spend the month of February in Skidaway. I know you on your way back home or home now. Did John like this better than the Villages?

    • clmckeary

      We leave on Saturday to go back home. We both like this area very much and definitely better than The Villages as it was alot less traffic.

  8. Barbara Carney

    It is supposed to rain. If that happens the snow should be gone. In spite of the weather report , it isn’t doing much today. Looking at the pictures is almost as good as going there. They are beautiful. Barbara

    • clmckeary

      Glad you enjoyed the pictures. We got a bad storm last night and another tomorrow but at least it’s rain.