What We Learned at The Villages

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Well our time here is coming to a close. This will be my last post on our trip to Florida. We have enjoyed the two months we spent living at The Villages and visiting surrounding areas. As with all places you visit, you always learn something. Listed below is what we learned:

      Overheard in The Villages:
      He said: “I am under the Frog Plan here in The Villages.”
      She said: “What is the Frog Plan?”
      He said: “I’m here until I croak.”


  • Pelicans, cranes, cardinals, ospreys, bald eagles, alligators and “people over 60” are very commonplace.
    The Periscope
    The Periscope


    Alligator at Lake Panasoffkee
    Alligator at Lake Panasoffkee


  • Shelby takes a while but can adapt to new locations and especially learn to play with other dogs in the dog park.
    Shelby resting after a hard day
    Shelby resting after a hard day


  • Ticks are just as plentiful in Florida as in Maine. (I got about 6 tick bites and John got none. The ticks are so tiny and look just like my freckles so it is difficult to always find them.)


  • The Villages is like living “Under the Dome.” Everything is perfect in this planned community. Everyday is like Groundhog Day. Or as they say in Seinfeld, we are in Del Boca Vista Phase II. (John)


  • If you are bored here it is your own fault. There are so many activities to choose from. But you have to want to join.


  • We got to photograph Thelma and Louise. Okay it was really Sharon Slavin and Sharon Krawczyk but don’t tell them they’re not Thelma and Louise.
Sharon Slavin and Sharon Krawczyk
You said you and me was gonna get outta town and, for once, just really let our hair down. Well, darlin’, look out, ’cause my hair is comin’ down!” –From Thelma and Louise


  • There are 630 holes of golf here so if you are a golfer this is the place for you. The 9-hole courses are all free and you pay a small fee for the 18-hole courses. (We are not golfers.)


  • If you find a hill or steep area, you are not in Florida. We will have a hard time trying to hike in Maine after the flatness of this area.
  • Half Moon Wlldlife Recreation Area

Half Moon Wlldlife Recreation Area

  • According to the billboards, “It is always a beautiful day in The Villages.”


  • Having 70-80 degree temperatures sure beats getting snow in March and April.


  • We did not find anyone we talked to here that did not like living in The Villages.


So you are probably wondering if we are ready to move here?


John: No! I’m too young to be here and it’s too busy.









Cheryl: I’d love it. Having so many choices of activities is right up my alley.





Hope you have enjoyed our posts over the last two months.

11 Responses

    COME BAACCKKKK!!!!…. ☀️

  2. Louise

    See you soon. 🙂

  3. Paulie Walnuts

    Great, funny blog! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Sounds like a place that I would like. I don’t know about Vic – he hates any kind of heat. Maybe a winter visit would be fun someday.

    Hope to see you soon my Bunny, John and Shelby!

  4. Yes…I have enjoyed them a lot. I also know that Florida is not for me. Too many old people and 2 much traffic and bugs and heat. I can enjoy a week maybe but no more. Am so glad you have charged your batteries and are headed home. Will feel a lot better when you are safely HOME. Be safe.
    Love Jim

    • clmckeary

      Except for the ticks, we had very few bugs. We were probably just lucky.

  5. Vic Oboyski

    I agree with John, hold out as long as you can. I like the warm weather, but enjoy the seasons more. The real hot summers would kick my butt. Northern Eurpoeans are not meant to live in the tropics, espcially Scots.

  6. Patricia Connell

    Yes, I appreciated hearing about your odyssey and adventures. Thank you

  7. Jane Karker

    Yes but summer in Maine is about to enchant you once again! Thanks for sharing this. Florida wildlife is so abundant!

    • clmckeary

      Yes. We are ready to start camping now. Can’t wait.

  8. What a great way to spend 2 months!

  9. Nancy Spadorcia

    Shucks! I’ve really enjoyed the blog and the great pictures. You have to go on another trip soon so we can have another blog 🙂