The House

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The house we are staying at is very nice. It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath and a den. The kitchen and living room are all open and there is a great lanai we love to sit on in the … Continued

Silver Springs State Park

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It was time to get Shelby out for a hike today. I use the word “hike” loosely because the highest elevation for hikes around here is 125 feet. We found Silver Springs State Park about 30 minutes from The Villages. … Continued

Jekyll Island, GA

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  Our March-April 2016 trip is taking us from Maine to The Villages in Florida. It is a different trip for us as we are taking the car instead of the usual truck camper. We are also taking Shelby our 7 … Continued

Ontario, Canada

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  6/21 Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Marie Louise Lake, Ontario 6/22 Lake Superior Provincial Park 6/23 Grundy Lake Provincial Park We stopped at Grand Portage National Monument which is close to the US and Canada borders. Grand Portage National Monument … Continued

Grand Tetons National Park

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  June 12-14 Grand Tetons National Park Leaving Dutch John, UT we headed to Grand Tetons. We were in another cow roundup even bigger than the first one. This was one of our longest drives at 6 hours to reach … Continued

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