Lamoine State Park – Camping

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It is the time of year when we get to start camping again. Cold weather merges to cool and then to warm weather, bugs come out in force (not so good) and hiking is at its best. Our first camping trip of the year … Continued

What We Learned at The Villages

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Well our time here is coming to a close. This will be my last post on our trip to Florida. We have enjoyed the two months we spent living at The Villages and visiting surrounding areas. As with all places … Continued

Visiting Friends

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The past few days we had the opportunity to visit friends who have recently moved to Florida. It hasn’t rained much during our stay in Florida. When it has rained, it has been a few drops here or there. So in making plans for dinner … Continued

St. Augustine and the GPS

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The GPS is a great tool and helps to get you where you are going–most of the time. When we bought our new Subaru, we wanted a built-in GPS. It works but has some issues. For example, sometimes when I … Continued

Alligator Alley and other wildlife

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We found another wildlife location called Sunnyhill Restoration Area. We have visited it twice. The first time we walked along a stretch of the Ocklawaha River and even saw a few motorboats going through. It wasn’t very wide so we were … Continued

Canaveral National Seashore

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We took a trip to the east coast and visited the Cape Canaveral Seashore. We walked along a beautiful beach picking up some shells and watching the birds run in and out of the water. This was a nice stroll until … Continued

Anniversary Celebration

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John and I celebrated our 40th Anniversary on April 10th. We had a wonderful day starting with a hike at Fort Cooper State Park. Not much to take pictures of but here is the best of the lot. Most of the … Continued

Shelby the lizard chaser

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Shelby is not quite sure about being in Florida. He watches us constantly to see if he is going to go with us. If we go out, he waits at the door for us to come home. His favorite thing … Continued

Bucket list item completed

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After being on my bucket list for years, I finally was able to check off “Take a Zip Line Tour”. Sharon, John and I took the super zip tour in Ocala, FL which is promoted as “Fly like a super hero … Continued

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