Nova Scotia and Newfoundland 2017

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John and I had another successful trip in the truck camper. Our trip from August 6 to September 3, 2017  took us to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Normally I try to blog while on the road, however, this trip there … Continued

All good things come to a close

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  We extended our time in Georgia an extra week but it’s now time for us to pack up and leave. Our last week here was quiet as far as sightseeing. We had two days of rain and thunderstorms which cooled … Continued

Wildlife and Marshes

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  Driving around this area, we see a lot of marshes and wildlife areas. While many of them look alike, there is always something different to see. The picture above shows a wildlife management area but used to be Butler Island Plantation, … Continued

Fort King George and Pickleball

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  Another location to check off our list is Fort King George State Historic Site. This site is less than 10 miles from us in Darien. It dates back to the Guale Indians in  the 1500s and in 1721 Colonel … Continued

Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge

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  This wildlife refuge is a great place for nesting and wildlife habitat. We have visited this place twice and have not been disappointed. The down side is pets aren’t allowed so Shelby gets to stay home on these visits. … Continued

St. Simon’s Island

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  Visiting the islands on the coast of Georgia is great fun. Each island has its own uniqueness. We visited St. Simon’s Island on a beautiful sunny day. It is a 17.7 square mile island and is a busy seaside … Continued

Sapelo Island

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    We have been having nice weather and as long as you can stand the biting flies things are great. I think these are even worse than black flies because they are smaller and there are 10 times more … Continued

Arrived in Darien, Georgia

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  After two and a half days driving, we arrived in Darien, Georgia on Monday, February 27th. I have decided we have a love-hate relationship with our GPS. GPS’s can be great but they can also cause you to go … Continued

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