Terra Nova National Park and St. John’s

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We moved further west to Terra Nova National Park and then to St. John’s. Of course, we continued our hiking expedition at each place we stopped at.


Malady Head Hike


Gotta love those red chairs


One of the somewhat rainy days we went to a place called Trinity. This was a cute little town that we would have spent more time walking around if we had better weather. There were restored fishing rooms, historic buildings and unique houses. One of the buildings showed a general store where you felt like you were transported back into time.

Trinity Village


St. Paul’s Anglican Church


Ft. Point Light, Trinity


Lots of jellyfish near the Terra Nova National Park information center.


Another campground we stayed at was Butterpot Provincial Park. We took a nice hike and were rewarded with a beautiful view.

View from top of Butter Pot hill trail.


Another view of Butter Pot


As always on our next venture, I got us a little lost trying to find Cape Spear and Signal Light. We ended up in the heart of St. John’s. Luckily it was not as bad as driving in Boston or New York City. We eventually found our way to where we wanted to go. Signage in Newfoundland it a little difficult to say the least. If you see a sign telling you to take a right in 1 km don’t expect to see any more signs even when you get to the turn. You just have to figure it out or turn around once you have gone past it. (As we did quite often.)

Cape Spear is located on the Avalon peninsula near St. John’s and is the easternmost point in Canada. So we can now say we have been to the easternmost point in Canada and the U.S. (Lubec). The Cape Spear Lighthouse has been in operation since 1836. And a new concrete building was built to house the light in 1955. The original lighthouse building and the light keeper’s residence have since been restored to the period of 1839,

Cape Spear Lightkeeper’s Residence


Cape Spear Light


Panorama of lighthouse and residence


More red chairs with Cape Spear in background.


Love the color of the waves.


The waves were high the day we were at Cape Spear.


Signal Hill is a hill which overlooks the city of St. John’s. Due to its strategic placement overlooking the harbor, fortifications were built on the hill beginning in the mid 17th century. The final battle of the Seven Years’ War in North America was fought in 1762 at the Battle of Signal Hill, in which the French surrendered St. John’s to a British force.

Signal Hill


Okay more red chairs overlooking St. John’s.


View of St. John’s from Signal Hill


Lavender in abundance


Fort Amherst consists of a man-made harbor, a lighthouse and the remains of gun emplacements and pillboxes built during World War II to defend against German U-boats.

Fort Amherst

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