St. Simon’s Island

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Beach on St. Simon’s


Visiting the islands on the coast of Georgia is great fun. Each island has its own uniqueness. We visited St. Simon’s Island on a beautiful sunny day. It is a 17.7 square mile island and is a busy seaside resort as well as residential community. The owner of the house we are staying at lives on St. Simon’s. He says it is way too crowded for his liking. We spent a few hours on the island visiting the St. Simon’s Lighthouse and the beach on one end of the island and Fort Frederica on the other end. We found the architecture quite beautiful.

We watched dolphins playing in the water off the pier while birds flew over our heads.



St. Simon’s Lighthouse (Another lighthouse to check off my list)


View of Jekyll island bridge as viewed from St. Simon’s Island.




Fort Frederica is a military town on the Colonial Georgia frontier. This fort has ruins from the 1700s. There were many foundations depicting where the families lived including the pub owner, cook, candlemaker, the barracks, church and more. Interestingly, there were 84 lots and the house lots were about 60×90 feet. I think I would need a little bigger house than that.


Magazine (where ammunition was stored) at Fort Frederica


Cannon overlooking the Frederica River



View of live oaks near where houses were originally standing.

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  1. Patricia Connell

    Wonderful pictures and commentary-thank you

  2. Martha Tait

    Looking at your pictures of sunny beaches, piers, and lighthouses along with blue skies and I don’t get jealous at all because we have the snow blowing sideways, lovely gray skies, frigid temperatures and a dog that won’t go out because “the sky is falling”.

    Everybody is staying indoors, most activities are canceled for today and tomorrow and don’t you wish you were in Maine??? Keep those pictures coming though!

    • clmckeary

      Sure glad you’re not jealous of the sunny beaches. Ya gotta love the snow if you’re in Maine. And we are happy to be in Georgia. Poor Molly, hope she gets out as some point.

  3. Nice! Here in Portland, OR, rain, rain, rain. Cheryl, you must be accumulating a bunch of lighthouses to check off your list!

    • clmckeary

      Yes, we are crossing off a few lighthouses. There are others we can’t get out to see but I’m happy to find as many as we can. We have been getting a little rain as well here but it is better than snow.

  4. Eileen & Pete

    Your pictures are beautiful as always. You would make a great tour guide. We know that because we have had tour guides all over the world. This blizzard is just going crazy. The wind is blowing from all directions and the white out conditions are unbelievable. I can’t believe people would venture out in this. Sometimes I can’t even see the railing on our deck from 8 feet away. So all that makes your pictures even more enjoyable to prove there really is GREEN grass and trees out there.

    • clmckeary

      I don’t think I would be a good tour guide. I keep forgetting where we have been and what we have done. Have to keep referring to the printed material. Hope you made it through the storm all okay. We got into the 30s overnight so it is cool even though we don’t have snow. I know you don’t feel bad for us!

  5. Paulette

    Thank you, Cheryl and John, for allowing us to live vicariously through you. We woke up this Wednesday to about a foot and a half of snow here in Brunswick. We are doing warm-ups in preparation of the tons of snow-blowing/shoveling that we will do. It does look pretty, though. I will take some photos.

    • clmckeary

      Snow is pretty–especially from a distance. Be careful shoveling.

  6. Patti McNally

    I think St Simon is where the HGTV house giveaway is this year…

    • clmckeary

      It is. We forgot to look for the house when we went there.