Shelby the lizard chaser

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Shelby is not quite sure about being in Florida. He watches us constantly to see if he is going to go with us. If we go out, he waits at the door for us to come home. His favorite thing to do (other than going for a hike) is to go to the dog park. Not that he is spoiled but it is a 15 minute drive to the dog park. He loves it when he gets there and is doing great playing with all the other dogs. Occasionally he has enough and starts to growl at the dogs and then we know it is time to go. A King CharlesĀ Spaniel took a real liking to him. The spaniel followed him around like a “puppy dog in love”. Shelby wasn’t quite sure what to make of it but there was definite love in the air.

Shelby has just discovered lizards in the yard. So far he hasn’t caught one but it isn’t from lack of trying. There are plenty of bushes for the lizards to hide but they do come out on the cement and Shelby is right there. We have to put the chairs around some of the bushes as he is making a mess of them.


Shelby searching for lizards
Shelby searching for lizards
"I know they're in here somewhere"
“I know they’re in here somewhere”


Shelby's favorite lizard
Shelby’s favorite lizard
Waiting for us to get home
Waiting for us to get home

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  1. Shelby surely loves his people – and the lizards!