Sapelo Island

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Sunset from upper deck



We have been having nice weather and as long as you can stand the biting flies things are great. I think these are even worse than black flies because they are smaller and there are 10 times more of them. But around here you just put on bug spray and continue on with your activities.

Sapelo IslandĀ is a state-protected barrier island that you can only access by ferry. We took a 4-hour tour over to the island on a beautiful Saturday morning. The ferry is only about 30 minutes. The population of this island is less than 70, many of whom are descendants of slaves who worked on Sapelo plantations. You aren’t able to bring cars or bikes over but you can rent golf carts and bikes once you get there. We took the bus tour which was perfect. The hurricane in October did quite a job with taking down trees. It left devastation thoughout the island that they are still trying to recover from. Our neighbor felt that because Sapelo Island took the brunt of the hurricane, it prevented the island we are staying on (Seabreeze Island) from getting hit.

I was able to add another lighthouse to my list of lighthouse viewings. The Sapelo Island Light Station was built in 1820. We were able to climb up the 77 stairs to the top of the lighthouse for a nice view.

Ferry boat to Sapelo Island. Taken from our house.


Sapelo Island Light Station


Sapelo Island Light Station


Lighthouse stairs


View from top of lighthouse


We went by the Reynolds Mansion previously own by tobacco heir Richard Reynolds. We weren’t able to get out and tour the mansion as the tours are only on Wednesdays. Last stop was the beach. It was a nice clean beach with lots of shells on it–which, of course, we needed to take a few samples home.

This was a short tour but just enough time to see the island and enjoy its rich history.


Shells on Beach. We loved the designs made in the sand.


Nannygoat Beach at Sapelo Island


Black headed gulls


Each night looking from our deck we get different colored sunsets. We never know what they will look like but each one is special and we enjoy them all.


Sunset from our deck
Sunset from our deck



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  1. Paulette

    Beautiful photos! It just snowed here for 2 seconds. They are predicting substantial snow for next week. The weather here is crazy. One day it is so warm that you only need a sweater, the next day it is single digits. The birds are all coming back but they may want to go back down there by you for a little while longer.
    Have a good time in paradise.

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying your stay there. You will miss the cold this weekend again and the potential snow next Tuesday / wed. ….. but then maybe you will notb really “Miss” it. Keep having a good time. Helps us to know warmer weather is on its way for us.

    • clmckeary

      You’re right we won’t miss the cold and snow. We’ll stay here. Come down and join us.

  3. Louise

    Pretty pictures. Looks quite peaceful. How do you find out about these places to stay?

  4. Barbara Carney

    All beautiful photos. I particularly like the one of the lighthouse stairs and the way the light reflects thru the window.

    • clmckeary

      Thanks. It was a long way up the stairs and we were out of breath getting to the top.

  5. Nancy and Frank

    How beautiful. Your photography skills are very impressive.