Jekyll Island and St. Simon’s Island (again)

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View of bridge to Jekyll Island


We visited Jekyll Island last year on our way to Florida but there is always something different to see so we opted to go back to this island. It is not a large island (7 miles long by 1.5 miles wide and has 8 miles of beaches. We went to Driftwood Beach which was a really unique looking beach to walk on and it is described as ¬† “beautiful driftwood and trees that resemble a tree graveyard.” Looking down the beach all you can see is dead trees.

Driftwood Beach




Sandpiper testing the water.


As we walked along, we were able to imagine different animals in the driftwood.


One of the driftwood “sea creatures”


John and Cheryl at Driftwood Beach (photo by Sharon)


Sharon at Driftwood Beach


Our attempt at posing the shells for a picture.


Can you see the fiddler crabs in this picture? ¬†They are no bigger than your thumb. Males have one enlarged claw that can grow to 1.5-2 inches long while females’ claws are equal size.


We revisited St. Simon’s Island since Sharon had never been there before. The beach has a great shape which unfortunately doesn’t show in the pictures. But is is not a straight beach like we are used to.


Another beach view.


Cargo ship from Panama moving by swiftly in St. Simon’s.


Pelican in flight.


Another view of the lighthouse. (Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph it again.)


We identified these as elegant terns. (Anyone agree or disagree?)




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  1. Jim & Genie

    They are indeed “elagent” and unusual or at least I have not seen them. Miss you guys. Stay there as more rain / snow mix Monday. we do miss you both.

    • clmckeary

      Stay warm up there. We keep watching the weather and hope it gets warmer soon.

  2. Paulette

    Your photos are getting better and better. Makes me want to learn photography!
    I like the elegant terns, posing shells, and beautiful humans.

    • clmckeary

      Thanks Paulette. Which I could take credit but the subject matter is the best.

  3. Nancie McKeary

    I saw these same birds while in Florida and I came up with Royal Tern when I researched it…but quite similar to the Elegant Tern. Enjoy your last week, Spring has not yet arrived I Maine.


    • clmckeary

      I think we determined the elegant tern because of the tuft on the top of his head.

  4. Louise

    Finally a picture of you! Looking good.

  5. Nancy and Frank

    As always, great pictures.

  6. Eileen & Pete

    Hey there My friends. We miss you too but your pictures and notes warm the cockles of my heart. So far today, we have had snow, rain and sleet and it is 34 right now but feels like 26 with 10mph winds. Tomorrow its going up to 41. So maybe, you could just fill up your car with warm air and then let it out when you get home.
    Eileen & Pete

    • clmckeary

      We’re trying to bring the warm weather back with us. Definitely don’t want any more snow. So far today, we have had sun, a little wind and 80 temps. Sorry to make you feel bad!

  7. Patricia Connell

    Wonderful photos with great material for future memories. Cheryl your photos are great. Enjoy your last week before retuning to home.c