Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge

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All the white specks are birds nesting.


This wildlife refuge is a great place for nesting and wildlife habitat. We have visited this place twice and have not been disappointed. The down side is pets aren’t allowed so Shelby gets to stay home on these visits. The wood storks nest in a large colony on a pond and are quite fascinating to see.


Woodstork coming in for a landing.


Stork resting on a branch.


Every trip I like to see something I haven’t seen before. This trip I wanted to see an armadillo. As I was busy taking pictures of turtles and alligators, John saw an armadillo on the other side. He didn’t really want to turn around for us, but I can at least cross that off my list. The one thing left on this trip I want to find is a painted bunting. From the pictures I have seen, these are very colorful birds so with any luck we will find one later.

Viewing of our first armadillo. (photo by John)


Alligator and duck enjoying the weather.


Couldn’t get the duck to turn around but I liked the branch in the water he was sitting on.


Driving through this refuge is nice and very peaceful. This is not a crowded place and the fields, wetlands and hardwood/pine forest are great. There are 2,824 acres.


Love how the Spanish moss hangs down off the trees.


Bottle brush bushes are quite colorful.


We had a nice visit with Pat Connell and Art Quinn who visited for a couple days. We got to try out a local restaurant Skippers Fish Camp in Darien. The food was great. We had fried shrimp and scallops and thoroughly enjoyed them. We decided not to try the alligator tail. Wasn’t something we felt the need to taste.


View from the restaurant of shrimp boats.


There was an 11 foot stuffed alligator on the wall of the restaurant. He certainly was big. One of the neighbors told us they had an 8.5 foot alligator taken out of the pond near their house. They now have another one that is 9 feet long. Glad we’re not near a pond.


Art, Pat and John at Skippers Fish Camp restaurant.


John and Cheryl right before dinner. Notice the long sleeves and jacket. (photo by Art)


On our daily walk we found what we think are fiddler crabs. Tough to get a good picture of them but when we walk by they scurry towards the land. Funny to watch.


Fiddler crabs (we think)


Our neighbors invited us to dinner last night along with two other couples. They are from Pennsylvania and leaving on Saturday. We had a great evening with them and certainly appreciated being invited over.


And last but not least, here is Shelby in one of his typical poses.

Shelby in his favorite chair. (Photo by Art Quinn)


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  1. I do enjoy following you on your journey. Think of you as I am pushing snow, getting equipment unstuck, trying to see in the Noreaster Tuesday night. Eileen was right about visibility. It was horrendous plowing for sure. It is snowing right now. Keep pics coming. Have John check his email.

    • clmckeary

      We keep saying spring should be arriving soon. Certainly doesn’t seem it right now with more snow forecast. Interesting article about the Beach Boys.

  2. All kinds of wildlife, including the one in the chair! Sounds like you’re having a good time while we are up here digging out!

    • clmckeary

      The wildlife in the chair is the most dangerous. Continue to dig out.–Spring is coming soon.

  3. Sharon

    Beautiful pictures as you always take…..particularly got a feeling of the peacefulness of the Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge. You have that special way of letting all of us share your Journey and feeling like we are right there with you.
    Glad you got an Armadillo.

  4. Nancy and Frank

    Wonderful pictures. I’m so jealous. It is freezing here and we are very tired of shoveling snow.

    • clmckeary

      At least you got away before the storm to Florida. Stay warm.

  5. Martha and Frank

    We enjoy your pictures so much! You certainly picked a great time to be in Georgia instead of Maine! Now we are into mud season, but we are starting to hear spring bird songs at last. The snow is slowly melting at last. Keep the pictures coming as I can almost feel that soft air of spring when I look at them.

    • clmckeary

      Nice to hear the spring birds are arriving. The birds around here are just wonderful to listen to. Hope all the snow melts soon.