Grand-Falls Windsor and Twillingate

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Leaving Gros Morne National Park, we next headed east and traveled through Grand-Falls Windsor and Gander. Gander is the town that took in over 6,700+ people during the September 11th attacks. The stories from the Newfoundlanders and their guests were heartwarming.  This town of 10,000 residents ended up receiving 38 flights during the attacks. They took strangers into their homes and bent over backwards to make them comfortable. While we didn’t spend any time in Gander, just reading about what they did was amazing.

Grands-Falls Windsor (in the central part of Newfoundland) was a good stopover on our way to Twillingate. Right from the campground was a scenic walk to a waterfall. Just about every campground we stayed in during our trip had some sort of hike we could do right from our camper. Each one was different but all of them were worth the hike.



We went to the Salmonid Interpretation Centre and could watch the salmon as they travel upstream to the spawning habitat.

Salmon in holding tank prior to being released upstream.


Waterfall at Salmonid Interpretation Centre.



Cheryl and John at end of Blackhead Trail.



A view through the fence.


Our next stop was Twillingate. This was my favorite place in all of Newfoundland. The coast was just spectacular and we hiked along the coast for miles. Twillingate is known for its icebergs, growlers and bergy bits. (A bergy bit is a medium to large fragment of ice. Its height is generally greater than three feet but less than 16 feet above sea level . Growlers are smaller fragments of ice and are roughly the size of a truck or grand piano.)  Unfortunately, they are typically gone by August so we did not get to see any. We also didn’t see any puffins but the scenery made up for the lack of icebergs and puffins.

One of the many views at Twillingate


Lower Head Trail


One of the few pictures we allowed to be taken of us.


Lower Head



Village in Twillingate


And what would a trip for us be without seeing some lighthouses.  I needed a few more lighthouses to add to my list.

Long Point Lighthouse


Long Point


We went for a wine tasting and tour at Auk Island Winery. Not being a wine drinker I went for the Outport Raspberry Screech (Raspberry wine and Rum) and John tried the 3 Sheets to the Wind and Fifty Shades of Bay. The wines were made with different types of berries including crowberry, blueberry, cloudberry, bakeapple, and partridgeberries.  They even had wine ice cream. While this sounded terrible, it was actually quite good.


For you wine lovers, here is a great sign.


On to Terra Nova National Park and St. John’s…