Fort King George and Pickleball

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Blockhouse at Fort King George


Another location to check off our list is Fort King George State Historic Site. This site is less than 10 miles from us in Darien. It dates back to the Guale Indians in ┬áthe 1500s and in 1721 Colonel John Barnwell brought a group of scouts and slaves to build Fort King George. In 1736 Oglethorpe brought over 177 Scottish highlanders to settle the town of Darien. As with other forts there was a blockhouse, officers’ barracks, guardhouse, blacksmith shop and more. The grounds were nice to walk around and view the buildings as well as wildlife.


Bird looking for lunch.



View out one of the windows to the Altamaha River


This cannon is called a 6-pounder.


Beer was brewed here at Fort King George. John wanted to know what happened to the “large beer”.


Imagine 4 people in this 4-holer outhouse.


Other than walking and bike riding our biggest activity is playing pickleball. There is a group that plays on Tuesday evenings in Darien and one in Brunswick about 25 minutes away. We have enjoyed meeting people down here and even talked with someone who had a cousin in Plympton, MA. It’s certainly a small world. Our friend, Sharon who was visiting in Florida came up to enjoy our house and play pickleball as well.

The pickleball fanatics–Cheryl, Sharon and John.


Sharon and John playing pickleball.





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  1. Paulette

    What a handsome bunch of pickleballers! It is not shorts weather up here yet – cannot wait. Guess who I am interviewing next week? First name is Jamie! Hope to see you when you get back.

    • clmckeary

      You get some great people to interview. Should be interesting.

  2. Phew on that 4-holer! Looks like a lovely place to be vacationing though. Here in Portland, OR, it is and has been rain, rain, rain!

    • clmckeary

      You must be getting tired of rain. We have only had a couple days of rain. Although the temps went down below freezing and they lost 90% of their blueberry crops here.

  3. Nancie and Larry

    The weather looks really inviting there. You aren’t missing anything back home….this morning it was 45 degrees, calm and sunny and we could enjoy coffee on our deck. Just a few hours later and it was snowing like crazy with howling winds and 26 degrees! It’s 6 pm now and still snowing and howling out there. Enjoy the rest of your time in Georgia and have a safe trip home.

    • clmckeary

      Hope it warms up soon. We don’t want 26 degrees when we get home. Stay warm.

  4. Patricia Connell

    Having fun in the sun

  5. So glad you’re enjoying yourselves and exploring so many interesting and beautiful places. Sounds like vacation to me! And BTW, I had to look up that bird in the photo — it’s an immature White Ibis. Looks exactly like the picture in my Peterson