Burgeo Provincial Park and Erin Mountain

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After Gros Morne our next stop was Burgeo Provincial Park. This was another 2 hour ride over very bumpy roads. Since it had been raining the potholes were filled with water. As you can imagine, if you don’t see the potholes they will swallow you whole. Even the pillows inside the camper went from the top of the bed to the bottom as we rock-and-rolled through these streets.

There are over 100,000 moose in Newfoundland. Up until this point (almost 2.5 weeks into our journey) we had yet to see a moose. Luckily, we took this jaunt down to the southern tip of Burgeo and along the way we saw two moose walking right near the road.

One story we heard from a person from Newfoundland: When they were introducing moose to Newfoundland they would sometimes harness them and bring them by helicopter to different parts. As the natives looked up they saw a moose hanging below the helicopter. Since they always hunted for their meat they thought this was a great find and started shooting at the moose as it was being lowered. Gotta love it!



Our first siting of moose in Newfoundland.


After our two hour bumpy ride we arrived at Sandbanks Provincial Park. The town of Burgeo has a population of about 1,464 just about the same size as the town of Washington. There wasn’t much to see until we reached the park and the sand beach and views were everything we hoped for. We only spent one night here but it was worth the trip.

View of Burgeo Village from Sandbanks Provincial Park




The different rock formations make the coastline unique.


View from top of hike at Sandbanks.



Final day in Newfoundland and onto Cape Breton….