All good things come to a close

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Goodbye from Seabreeze Island.


We extended our time in Georgia¬†an extra week but it’s now time for us to pack up and leave. Our last week here was quiet as far as sightseeing. We had two days of rain and thunderstorms which cooled things off from the high humidity and temperatures. We did have a tornado warning for one evening but luckily we did not experience an actual tornado.

Our last trip was to Harris Neck Wildlife Preserve that we had already been to but we enjoyed it so decided to go back. We found another trail to walk and found alligators and many birds as well on this trail.

Wood storks


Coming in for a landing.


The birds


Just another gator. But look at those teeth.


Stork in flight or is it a teradactyl?


Butterfly on thistle. He stayed just long enough for me to snap his picture.


Our trip to Darien has been everything we hoped for. We have seen some fabulous sites (especially the Blue Angels), traveled to some wonderful marshes with lots of bird sightings, met some wonderful people in the area, played pickleball, kayaked, and added two more lighthouses to check off our list. We loved the house we stayed at and would certainly come back here again.

I had our last day here all planned. It consisted of going for a walk, playing pickleball, kayaking, and going for a bike ride. Unfortunately, with winds of 35 mph for the last two days we could only go for a walk. Maybe another visit.

Hope you all have enjoyed seeing some of the highlights of our trip. Until next time…..

Last happy hour on the deck.



Happy Easter from Seabreeze Island.




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  1. Your photos are spectacular as usual. I feel like I have seen another part of our country I can cross off my list. Safe travels, Nancy

    • clmckeary

      Pictures are great but you need to get out and travel as well.